Everything you need to know about eyelash extensions! 101

“The price of a set of eyelash extensions should not drive your choice of lash stylist” 

The beauty industry can be a scary place, unregulated and available to anyone to perform out of home and even in a salon.

I’ve been a certified eyelash stylist for 5 years now, in both classic application and got my qualification in Russian volume 2 years ago. I’ve done 4 courses and my latest one was in Brisbane in December 2017. I run a very successful business which is booked out months ahead and have a client base almost 700 strong. I believe that in my experience I have enough knowledge to educate you all on eyelash extensions.

It takes years, thousands of dollars, late nights practicing and months of making next to no money to be a REPUTABLE eyelash stylist. Anyone can do eyelash extensions but not everyone is good.

A lot of you lovely ladies always email me, Instagram and inbox me asking -Do eyelash extensions damage your natural lashes? Before you get too excited and read ahead I don’t want you all to think that I know everything, or that I think I know everything, because that’s certainly not the case.

There is such a bad stigma and a lot of negativity on eyelash extensions due to the amount of poorly trained and uneducated lash technicians performing this treatment. It is not a treatment to take lightly! These are your eyes! One of the most delicate organs in your body!I cannot stress that enough. Do your research and ask your technician millions of questions! Look at before and afters, look at the reviews and most importantly don’t question the price! A good lash technician will charge around $120-180 for a fullest of classic lashes. Why? because she knows how hard she has worked and knows her clients lashes will last. She uses everything disposable and she pays for the most premium quality products.

When I started my business from home I was charging my lashes out really cheap, that wasn’t a reflection of my work or because my products were cheap (Trust me, I made little to no money – I waitressed at a restaurant for 3-4 months whilst doing my clients from home) That was me getting my name out and trying to get faster.

I worked as a diploma qualified beauty therapist for for 6 years straight before I chose to only do eyelash extensions. So, I was probably doing maybe 2-3 sets a week? A refill maybe once a day (can’t really remember to be honest) But my main treatments I performed were beauty, ipl, advanced skin and massage. I LOVED lashes, but it wasn’t the focus of the salon that I worked at so I wasn’t getting quicker because we I wasn’t doing them everyday.

Anyway, I’m going off on a tangent. People think that eyelash extensions ruin your eyesight, you should not get them, they’re painful, irritating and ruin your natural lashes and basically avoid getting them they will just blow up your whole world when you have them.

You just need to do your research before you get them done. Can they damage your natural lashes? Yes, they can. I’m not going to sugar coat it or lie to you! They can damage your lashes if the procedure is not carried out properly. I repeat.. If the procedure is NOT carried out properly! If you do not take care of your lashes at home, they can potentially damage your lashes. Eyelash extensions should not touch your skin, your eyes, or your lash line. They should be grafted 1:1 only (For classic application)

There are millions of adhesives and lash material types available, and a lash tech needs to know what adhesive she needs for how long it takes her to adhere the extension to the natural lash in order for it to cure perfectly and not stick to the other extensions once applied. Even with correct isolation, a nice blend and great products used.. once you open your eye and look in the mirror you cannot see what the application really looks like. That comes from the technician’s point of view. And that is why I now refuse to refill work that is not mine.

When more than one lash extension adheres to the natural lash this is what happens.. As one natural lash is growing out on its cycle with the extension attached to it, it will take the other lashes it is stuck to and pull them out too. The other lashes stuck may not be on the same cycle as the telegen NL (Natural Lash) that is growing out. This will cause premature damage, it will hurt, it will feel like an extension is poking you (It’s not tho, this is what happens when your lashes are getting pulled out unwillingly) This can also cause irritation.

Another contributing factor to lash damage.. is overextending! Using lash extensions that are too long will cause the natural lashes to droop, this temporarily can cause pain on the natural lash. I only stock 6mm to 11mm and keep a few 12’s handy just in case, but only ever apply them on the strongest lashes in the middle.

TOP PHOTO: Other salon refill
BOTTOM PHOTO: Bloom refill
Both of these photos are 3 week infills.


New clients will book in with me for a refill and say they’ve got heaps of lashes left, and they come to me and 9/10 times I have to remove them and ask them to come back for a full set in a few days. This is because of the amount of extensions clumped together on multiple natural lashes, if there is too much glue or the lashes are touching the skin.. it just blows my mind!! How lash techs can let their clients walk around like that.

To sum everything up, please just do your research. Look on their social media accounts and Facebook reviews as this will give you the most honest feedback. Brush your lashes, love them, clean them and keep up your refills. If you have any other questions you can head to the FAQ’s page located on my homepage. Thanks for reading and I hope this helps!


 Meghan xx

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