Lash lifts vs. Lash Extensions

So whats the difference? Which of these two treatments are best suited for me? How to know which one you will like best? Simple – are you low maintenance kinda gal or does the maintenance not bother you?

Basically the difference between the two is that the Lash Lift treatment is enhancing your natural lashes only. There are no false enhancements adhered. A silicon rod is adhered to your eye lid and then your natural lashes are then glued onto that!

I use two solutions ( a Lift Lotion and a Setting Lotion) Both stay on for different times depending on the amount of NLs (Natural Lashes) and how thick your NLs are. After the solutions have been applied and removed I tint them! This is to darken the lash line and help with length and enhance length by adding colour to the ends of our lashes which are naturally lighter.

Eyelash lifts are a great alternative to those who cannot have eyelash extensions or simply cannot keep up with the fortnightly maintenance of extensions. Reason you may not be suitable for extensions – very athletic (Swimming), Eye rubber, you are allergic or have had a reaction in the past.. in which most cases I am always hesitant to ever reapply as most times when you have an adverse reaction to the eyelash adhesive you always will. It doesn’t go away.

You just simply can not take care of them.. I.e not following strict aftercare, load them up with makeup and just treat them as tools not jewels.. I will always suggest a lift to you instead. As you can still use a fibrous mascara and get an AMAZING outcome in conjunction with the lift.

So how long does it take?
The treatment all up takes 45 minutes. If you are like most of my clients and get a brow treatment too… you can expect to be laying down for 75 minutes in total.

How long does it last?
6-8 Weeks, depending on how fast your lash cycle is. I won’t perform the treatment if it has been 6 weeks or less.. I tend to lean more towards 7-8 only to be certain that there is a substantial amount of new lash growth. The reason we have to wait is due to the solution. If it is reapplied on an area that has already been treated by the Lift solution it can cause damage (Singeing, breakage and damage) Waiting the longest possible time will allow your lashes to stay strong and healthy!

Does the process hurt? Absolutely not! Unless you are like most of my clients and enjoy a good giggle and some banter you may move your cheeks too much and some solution may seep through – which causes mild discomfort but won’t kill you!! Its best to relax, bring headphones if you want, breathe, meditate or simply enjoy listening to the music and having a rest. I cover your eyes during the treatment and you ware wrapped up in fluffy blankets, its an experience! 🙂

Can I still wear mascara?
Yep! Life goes back to normal 100% after you wait 24 hours for the lashes to be dry and for the solutions to set. Unlike extensions there is no aftercare or maintenance, just brush them and love them!! <3

Depending on the length and thickness of your natural lash will determine the outcome of the lift. I’ve attached some of my work below to show you guys! 🙂 Let me know what you guys think! I can’t tell you which treatment I prefer to do the most out of the both of them.. they are both so relaxing and have some a great outcome. Its soley up to you and how you feel about it after your initial consultation.

Meghan xx



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