My 10 tips to ultimate #GIRLBOSS success!

In this blog I want to share with you my “Top 10 Tips” to being your own girlboss! I also want to touch on how to overcome the fear of getting started and all the “what ifs”

I’ll share my mistakes, (So you hopefully don’t make them too) and also some really great resources I used to get started!

Welcome back guys! I am writing about something a little bit different but I feel like most of you secretly want to delve right in and soak up all my years worth of experiences, but before we start – I am not claiming that I know everything about being a girl boss, nor am I stating that this way is the right way and that I am legend on being a beauty entrepreneur.. because the truth is I am anything but!

But I’ve found ways, methods, materials, resources, products and companies and so on and so forth that work for me and my business. I love my work and I make good pocket money and my clients are happy so I’m happy.. I must be doing something right haha! But not all small businesses have the same structure.

Everyone is different. Unique. And this leads me to my first tip.. actually I would call it more of a rule! And that is …


When you are branding your business I believe its really important for it to strongly represent you as a person (If you are the face of your brand)
Keep it authentic and stay true to yourself as your level of customer service is going to reflect you as an individual anyway.. and if your branding and interaction with your clients is not genuine.. they will catch on! Which can sometimes cost you business.

When seeking inspiration from other companies/girl bosses be sure to mention them or even give them some love back. Theres nothing wrong with being inspired – but just don’t copy. It takes someone a lot of time, skill, practice money and countless hours of brain juice to come up with their brand or values for their business.. just for someone to steal is kinda is annoying.

Just be yourself! I am, and if my clients don’t like it – it’s okay – its simple. Don’t come back. I’m super comfortable in an over sized tee and a denim skirt or overalls. My level of treatment will be the same if I was dressed up in black with red lips on and polished to perfection.. but thats just not me. I’m a bit more atypical.


You absolutely must invest in what you love! Second to what you are really really good at! Don’t try to do everything at once. It takes time and practice and honestly a fair bit of trial and error… and by that I kinda mean leading up to you finding your niche! I spent thousands of dollars on other courses and certificates until I just decided to go back to what I knew I was good at and genuinely loved doing. With the years of experience you gain focusing on your niche and building your empire then by all means dance with the rhythm and if it feels right to increase your inventory then do it! This happens faster for others than some. But its not a race.

Spend your money on making sure you buy the best for your customers/clients. Yes it can be a huge dent in the bank account for a few months but when you have done your costings per unit or whatever.. you will make the money back in no time. And you can sleep at night knowing that you’re salon/business is offering your customers/clients the absolute best you know you can!

But in saying that, never stop learning. Never become complacent. No matter what field you are in the market is always changing and there are always bigger and better things to come. So keep up to date! And educate yourself 🙂


In the first few years, it can be tough starting out as a #girlboss. Money coming in ends up being money going out.. back into the business, for stock, overheads and other things that are detrimental if you are a sole trader. You will need help, and I highly suggest seeing an accountant. If that means that you cant buy that mimco bag or pair of boots then so be it! You dont really need them. See the bigger picture and protect yourself!

When I started Bloom I had $500 so I bought what I knew I’d need first. Brow stuff! .. upfront cost was affordable and I could do them in 30 minute slots and make money faster than lashes. So thats what I did.

I started off with brows, l earned some money – bought some more lash stuff. earned some more money, bought some more lash stuff. And it just went on like that, I was using a lamp from Kmart I stole from my boyfriend at the times “man cave” for a good 4 months before I was able to buy my Glamcor light outright. I used my laptop to play music before I invested in a bluetooth speaker. I bought a cruddy $25 clip on ring light to take photos of my clients before I saved enough to buy my big lights.

Honestly – if you see the end goal and you are patient and LOVE what you do.. you don’t need a lot of money to get started. Just work with what you’ve got.

Because I didn’t take out a loan or get a credit card for all my supplies and stock, I didn’t have to stress about extra payments coming out for stock and equipment. Ontop of personal debts I had. Just be patient.

If you work from home, and are super productive just sitting on your lounge of the evening doing your EOD’s, EOM’s & BAS then when you are in a business environment your success will only triple. Tried & Tested. So get prepared! See the end goal – Have a plan! Stick to the plan.

Also see a financial advisor/business associate. I went to the ANZ bank who helped me so much. (Also mum – thank you mum) They can give you guidance on establishing your business plan, help you to understand GST, Tax, Pay’s, Profit and blah blah all that boring sh*t that I kinda know but just let my accountant deal with! I just do my girls and make them gorgeous.


This new journey you’ve chosen to embark on to becoming your own boss is going to bring you a fair chunk of negativity and doubt from people. Don’t let it get you down though, it can only better you and make you wiser when it comes down to making new relationships.

The amount of people who are going to support you and back any choice you make is unfortunately going to be a lot smaller than the people who will try to bring you down by belittling you and pointing out all the risks and difficulties associated with being self employed. If you’re strong enough not to really give a damn than you’re going to be just fine.

But If you know that you are someone who gets upset easily with the opinions of others then its really important to surround yourself with the people who are supporting you. Be kind to yourself and don’t be afraid to approach people that you look up too. I do it all the time. Stay close to those who lift you up and family. Family is everything.

It’s not about proving yourself to other people. You only need to be better than the person you were yesterday. Be a benchmark for #girlssupportinggirls and just be happy and smile, haters hate that 😉


Ok, research, research .. research! Sloowwwlly. Don’t rush into anything. Spend the time getting to know the market and whats trending online or with your chosen field. Look around and look at other businesses, locations, products and don’t forget to value your expertise. Make sure you don’t have a business name and business mission the same as someone in your town. The best way to make sure of that is too ensure you register your business name *insert laughing emoji here*

Don’t stress if your business trajectory isn’t perfect. We all have to start somewhere. Be aware of the fellow #girlbosses around you and be sure not to step on their soil.. Well I dont know about you guys. But I wouldn’t start a business on the same block, with the same products and same service.. Even if the services/treatments aren’t the same you’re just asking for confusion of customers/clients.

Customers can get you confused with each other, and your level of treatment.. for all you know they could be crap! or they could be really good!! Either way you might annoy your neighbour, and one day you might need their help. So be respectful! Honestly just study your target audience and pick a good location.

Again not everyone thinks the same as me, and you may have a different opinion. Each to their own!


Its okay to make mistakes. You’re only human. (GET INSURANCE) Haha, kidding.

No human, nor girl boss, is perfect. Maybe you’ve had a bad day, or didn’t sleep well, having relationship dramas.. we’ve all been there. If you are not dealing with life – take a step back or either move away from your desk, or customers for a day. Its not worth you tainting your business and relationships with your clients/customers.

If you have mislead a customer/client with information, own your mistake. Admit you were wrong an offer a solution. And then move on. Sometimes I make mistakes with my bookings because I either forget, or I just forget because I am under the pump from 8am to 8pm, I make mistakes… but I never blame the person on the receiving end. Generally I’ll have a laugh with them as 9/10 times its because I forget, rectify by asking the client what it is they want (whether it be time slots or products) and we go from there!

I’ll always bend over backwards if I screw up. Its inconvenient.. lets be real. And because you are always honest from the start people will be more understanding.

This will also make it easy for your customers/staff/clients to approach you when they have a concern or a problem. Don’t put a wall up and point fingers at anyone.


In my career I have met strong women and I have learnt from them. I have met great leaders, business people and I have admired them. But there have also been terrible leaders, bosses and situations I’ve been put in by the leaders above me.

After 8 years in the industry I can say I’ve seen it all. Trust me, I HAVE. Let’s not go there. I’ve seen previous bosses make costly mistakes, and myself as a manger have made some shit choices. We’ve all been in situations that are kinda an “Oww F#%K moment”

And they are totally cool, as long as you don’t make the same mistake twice and you learn something from it.

Emulate the good you’ve learnt into your business structure and remember not to make the same mistake twice.


How do you expect your customers/staff/clients to value you and your service if you don’t yourself? You know how much money and time you have invested into your expertise and you’ve slaved for every goddamn cent! Don’t feel bad for charging what you think you are worth. Its important not to sell yourself short. Love yourself! You know how long it took you to get here, and I don’t mean that you ate 2 min noodles for years and lived in your sisters friends basement..

I mean mentally. You’re obviously here for a reason. Being your own boss for a reason. I know mine – I was so over being over worked and under appreciated and threatened because I was strong enough to stand up for myself and my fellow women. I was tired of having to conform to something I wasn’t just because of how my hair looked that day. *Not saying I am a gruband don’t take pride in self presentation, I just don’t do corporate – kapeech* I wanted to control the standards I worked in and ensured that I got to have a lunch break and didn’t get guilted in to working my day off.. That way I knew that my level of client care and attention to detail would always remain 100%.

And to be honest, you can make so much more money working for yourself in this industry (hair&beauty). Provided you are qualified and do amazing work. Spend time on your social media and really show your clients love.

Whats your reason/purpose? Don’t have one – find one. Not sure yet? Don’t worry it will come. Be proud of yourself its a huge step. You are brave and you are fierce.


Don’t fill yourself with doubt. Be careful of the words and energy you put out into the universe. It all comes back around x3. It’s important to always ask for what you want. It’s important not to sit there looking at the sucess of others and being jealous, or wishing you could be as successful as they are.. or anything along those lines.

Just nurture yourself and your business.There are sadly no shortcuts we all have to figure it out on our own and for some its long and for some its short. So in the mean time cut out the worry, if you have the love and support of a partner, family and some awesome friends and have a little bit of savings.. you need to just keep thinking positive and your plan B will only be a newer version of your plan A.

It’s okay to fail. Do the wrong thing. It only means you are going to delve into new opportunities and explore your options.


See ya world! Meg’s in business! I literally worked 6-7 days 12 or 16 hour days just loving it in the beginning, working so hard my wrists would ache at night. Not that its a bad thing, but it can be when you have a life to keep in balance.

The good I got out of it was a thriving business within months and lots of clients who came back. Though the reality of it was my work/life balance was totally askew. I had amazing support and a partner and family who knew how hard I worked and they were so supportive, meanwhile I was becoming tired and really exhausted. So just be sure to still treat it like a job, even though being your own boss is a 24 hour thing so uh.. it is kinda a lifestyle in itself.

Set boundaries, respect your days off and know your limits. Finish at 5.30 and have a break, walk the dog or have an early night. The better you look after your self, your spirit and health, the better a person you can be for your customers/clients. TRUST ME.

Also set financial boundaries. Open a second account, seperate business expenses from personal expenses. This makes tax time a breeze, but also helps you to see where your money is going.

“The time making money should be greater than the time you are spending money” – Sophia Amoruso #originalgirlboss

Well there you all have it! These are my memoirs & things that I had to learn to be where I am today. I hope that you all can take something from this little blog.

If you are wanting to embark on being your own boss, you’ll kill it. Its amazing and if you’ve got the right mindset and see the end goal.. your execution will be flawless!

Thanks for reading!

Meghan xx

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