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Brow Lamination & Shape

Brow Lamination & Shape 1 hr | $110

A brow lamination is like a “lash lift” but for your brows instead. It is a formula that is made especially for the eyebrows but with keratin. Instead of a curl, a setting lotion helps brow hair stay brushed up and lifted upward for about six weeks. Firstly the eyebrow is mapped, shaped with wax and tweezers, laminated and then tinted.

I would recommend having this treatment done every 8 weeks, so upon every second brow appointment. Just to make sure the eyebrow hairs stay in a healthy condition. This treatment is perfect for anyone with curly brow hairs that are untameable. This treatment is also amazing for clients who have gappy or thin eyebrows, or hairs that grow downwards. 

There is  no aftercare required. You just cannot get the eyebrows wet for 24 hours after application, no saunas or steamy hot showers. After that, you can get them wet and then they will return to fluffy brow hairs! 

If you want that wet look that is achieved right after this treatment is performed, you can purchase a brow gel from the clinic and that will help you achieve this look. 

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