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Cosmetic Tattooing

Cosmetic Tattooing from $500


Is also known as feather touch, is a technique that uses a hand held tool with a cluster of fine probes that implant pigment into the skin to imitate natural looking life-like hair strokes. This treatment is perfect for someone who wants to save time doing their eyebrows, wants the most natural looking or wants to correct symmetry whilst enhancing natural shape. 

Powder/Ombre Brow Tattoo 

This technique involves a digital machine to shade and “powder” pigment into the skin. This method creates the appearance of softly powdered on brows which is perfect for a client who has oily skin or wants to cover up previous tattoo that has faded. It’s also recommended for clients who aren’t concerned of an initially bolder brow, until the end results when the pigment has settled into the skin.

This method creates more depth for clients who are wanting to conceal larger gaps throughout their brows and are after a tattoo style that is less maintenance and greater longevity. 

This style of eyebrow is longer lasting than microblading due to the delivery of the pigment,

Combination Eyebrow Tattoo

Combination Brow Tattoo is a combination of both the treatments as mentioned above. This method utilises a hair stroke technique in the beginning to  the centre of the brow to create a soft, natural arch and then from the summit (Middle) of the eyebrow to the tail the machine is utilised to create a soft powdered in eyebrow. 

What you need to know before your appointment

A consultation is essential before any appointment, just to ensure a duty of care but also to confirm you have no holiday plans within the six week time frame from your initial appointment, to your touch up appointment. 

Colour and Shape

During the consultation we will outline, measure and pencil an eyebrow shape that is suitable/ recommended for your facial features and natural eyebrow line whilst taking into consideration your concerns and desired shape. During this time we trial a suitable colour to suit your skin tone, hair colour and ensure that you are happy to proceed.

Our team has extensive knowledge in dermal anatomy, physiology and microbiology that allows us to practice as at the highest standard to ensure the safety and care needed to work with everybody. 

Pain Management

Due to legislation, we are unable to administer anaesthetic to you for your appointment. We recommend you purchase a pharmaceutically compounded anaesthetic and collect it from your closet chemist. Small amounts of pain are expected, however, we make the treatment as comfortable as possible. We also use a gel anaesthetic mid treatment to ensure the ongoing comfort. 

How is cosmetic tattoo different to traditional tattooing?

The main difference between cosmetic tattoo and traditional tattooing is the equipment used to deliver the pigment to the skin, but also how deep the pigment will go. 

Tattooist will use an ink, and needles that reach the dermal layer of the skin. This lasts forever as the ink particles are too large for the white blood cells to break down, thus lasting forever. 

Where as cosmetic tattooist use pigment, and the needles deposit this pigment right below the epidermis which is the layer before the dermal layer.

How long will my treatment take? 

Your initial appointment will take 2 hours, including your consultation time. 

4-6 weeks after your initial appointment you will need to come for a perfection visit. This will take one hour. 

A year or earlier if you like, is a retouch and this can be anywhere from 30minutes to 1 hour. 

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