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Eyelash Treatments from $110

Eyelash enhancement treatments are suitable for everybody! There are three kinds, the first being eyelash extensions. This treatment come in three different styles.. classic, hybrid and volume. What differentiates them from each other is the amount of volume or eyelashes which are adhered to each lash.

Eyelash extensions require fortnightly or three weekly maintenance, we call refills. Naturally, as your eyelashes shed you will lose the extension. This is solely dependant on your eyelash growth cycle and also how you take care of your eyelash extensions with aftercare. 

If eyelash extensions aren’t your thing, thats totally fine.. Our lash lift and tint is perfect for you! This treatment uses your natural lashes and a solution that curls the lashes, this stays for six to eight weeks. There are different depths of curl, for everyones eyelash style and preference. 

If you are blessed with some long, luscious lashes.. then we have just the treatment for you. A lash tint, is the a treatment that involves dying the top and bottom lashes, making your lash line and eye much. More defined naturally. The more you get this treatment done, the longer it will last as well. This treatment I performed every 4-6 weeks. 

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