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ASI Professional Peel

ASI Pro Peels are a fast, effective and affordable skin treatment for immediate cell renewal and a refreshed, clear complexion.  

These treatments can be done for oily/acne skins every 2 weeks for a course of 6-8 treatments. For mature skin, every 2-4 weeks for a course of 6-8 treatments. 

Pre treatment peel advice 

  • Prior to your ASI Pro Peel your ASI Professional Skin Therapist will perform a full consultation and skin analysis to determine which is best to suit your skin and concerns.
  • Avoid excessive sun exposure prior to your treatment.
  • To achieve the best results we recommend to prep your skin using ASI skincare 3 days prior to your treatment.

Post treatment advice 

* Wear a professional SPF throughout your course of treatments.

* Try not to touch your skin after your advanced skin treatment.

* Do not use tinted moisturiser for 12 hours post peel

* Show off your clean, clear skin to the world

ASI Vitapeel  

Vita A Peel is an advanced treatment designed to improve the overall condition of the skin and to produce a healthy and more vibrant complexion


‒ No skin exfoliation 3–5 days prior to treatment

‒ No direct sun exposure for 5–7 days pre or post treatment


– The Vita A Peel has minimal disruption to your daily activities.

– Different levels of exfoliation may occur from very mild to quite obvious flaking. This usually begins on day three and again on day five following the peel.

  • No direct sun exposure throughout the peeling phase and always wear SPF to protect your skin and your result.

Skin Needling $230

Skin Needling is a chemical free treatment that has far less downtime and is less intrusive than other resurfacing treatments. It delivers optimum results and is highly effective at reducing the appearance of scarring, fine lines, acne and hair reduction by stimulating a natural reaction in your skin to allow follicles to produce more elastin and collagen as well as releasing growth factors that stimulate a rejuvenation process and also scar revision. 

This treatment can be used on the face, scalp and body. Its important to use ASI skin care to prepare your skin before your appointment to ensure maximum results. A consultation will ensure we pick which advanced skin treatment is right for you. 

Be sure to book a consultation before booking in for this appointment. 

This treatment is performed every 6 weeks for a course of 6-8 treatments. 

Dermal Rolling $190 

Dermal rolling creates controlled injury to the skin in the form of micro punches that stimulate the brains injury response into thinking that the skin needs to be repaired. This is done by using a handheld tool with 540 titanium diamond tip needles that trigger that injury response and intern, send all the vitamins, collagen and elastin needed to repair the skin. 

This results helps with minimising the appearances of pitted scarring, fine lines and uneven skin tone. 

Be sure to book an appointment to have a skin consultation before booking in for this appointment. 

This treatment is performed every 6 weeks for a course of 6-8 treatments.

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